Business Background

Target identification is the process of identifying a molecular target associated with certain specific diseases. One of the most important steps in the drug discovery platform is to find a drug candidate compound (drug seed) that acts on the selected target. With our MACE-SELEX Technology, LinkBIO aims to accelerate the research and development for the creation of innovative new drugs and improve the success rate of molecular target screening with medium molecular weight compounds (nucleic acid aptamers, and peptide).


Acceleration of drug research and development for the creation of innovative new drugs and improve the success rate of discovered drug seeds.


1- Social implementation of MACE-SELEXTM

We aim to improve conventional Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential Enrichment (SELEX) with our patented proprietary MACE-SELEXTM Technology for efficient separation and isolating high-affinity single-stranded DNAs or RNAs aptamer as drug seeds from a large library with random sequences.

2- Raising awareness of nucleic acid aptamers in biotechnology applications

About thirty years have passed since the discovery of the SELEX process. Nevertheless, the number of Aptamer seeds approved in the market and admitted in clinical trials is still very few compared with the high potentiality of Aptamers in Therapeutics and diagnosis. Aptamers can potentially be used for multiple applications including diagnosis, as innovative therapeutic agents, for the detection of food risks, as biosensors, for the detection of toxins, and as drug carriers and nanoparticle markers. We aim to increase the awareness of Aptamers in the above-mentioned areas.

Business Model

1- Collaborative Development of Aptamer related products

We are currently involved in several therapeutics and diagnostics collaborative projects for the acquisition of new high-affinity DNA aptamer candidates, and we are open to new collaborative projects.

2- MAC-SELEX Technology Transfer and Licensing

Licensing-out of MAC-SELEX Technology to our collaborator to use freely in collaborator’s laboratory.

We also will transfer technology know-How and train collaborator’s researchers for the effective use of MAC-SELEX Technology.

This business model may suit collaborators who aim to keep the confidentiality of their projects inside their organizations.

3- Aptamer Screening Service

We provide high-quality and cost-effective in-house screening services for varieties of biomolecular targets with nucleic acid-based libraries to discover new Aptamer seeds with high affinity and specificity.

4- Aptamer catalog

Based on current projects, we have developed many Aptamer seeds for several biomolecular targets, and with the increase in the number of our projects, we will build an Aptamer catalog that gathers Aptamer seed to be “Ready for use” for our collaborators.

Looking for Collaborations

We are looking for new collaborators and clients in the following industries:

Pharmaceutical companies

Biotechnology companies

Bio-venture companies

Diagnostics and medical devices companies

Cosmeceuticals companies Universities and research institutes

Agricultural and chemicals companies

Veterinary pharma companies