Business background

R&D of drugs and infectious disease assay agents will begin with a search for candidate (seed) molecules that bind to a target molecule. In order to obtain excellent seed molecules, such as low-molecular-weight compounds, medium-molecular-weight compounds (nuclei acid aptamers, and peptides), proteins, and antibodies, rapidly from a library of diverse molecules, it is necessary to improve the quality of molecular-screening technologies.

Mission statement and business overview

Mission 1: Societal implementation of MACE SeparationTM

With the aim of improving the quality of the evolutionary-engineering-type molecule-selection methods that currently exist, the intention is to societally implement MACE SeparationTM, which is our proprietary separation technology for seed molecule discovery support, and MACE-SELEXTM, which is an in vitro nucleic acid aptamer selection method with MACE SeparationTM included. To this end, the below tasks will be tackled.

Task 1: Trial of MACE SeparationTM

Overview: Commission or collaborative research contract → Library and target molecules provided to LinkBIO by the client → MACE SeparationTM and/or MACE- SELEXTM implemented in the LinkBIO laboratory

Task 2: MACE SeparationTM third-party contract tasks

Overview: Licensing contract → MACE SeparationTM and/or MACE- SELEXTM implemented at the customer’s laboratory

Mission 2: Improved recognition of nucleic acid aptamers

Nucleic acid aptamers, that is, nucleic acid base sequences that can recognize molecules, have been provided by in vitro selection methods for approximately 30 years. However, in all fields the level of awareness of nucleic acid aptamers remains low. Nucleic acid aptamers have the potential to generate various new products such as neutralizable molecular-targeted agents, ultra-high-sensitivity diagnostic agents, and various biological drugs. Therefore, an additional mission of ours is to improve the awareness of nucleic acid aptamers by the below tasks.

Task 3: Negotiation about nuclei acid aptamer research

Overview: Confidentiality agreement → Face-to-face meeting of LinkBIO’s technology managers and each consultant → Investigation by LinkBIO personnel → Face-to-face meeting and proposals on the basis of the results of the investigation (→ extension to Task 1 or 2)

Task 4: Marketing of nucleic acid aptamers

Overview: MACE- SELEXTM implemented by LinkBIO → Either the nucleic acid aptamers obtained are sold as reagents**, or proprietary rights to the sequence information is sold.

Task 5: Recycling of nucleic acid aptamers

Overview: Among the aptamers obtained in Tasks 1 or 2, those for which the exclusive research term has been completed are sold as reagents**, or proprietary rights to the sequence information obtained is sold.

** There are various options, including disclosure or non-disclosure of the sequence information, provision of an exclusive research term, etc.

Target customers

Pharmaceutical and biological companies, including venture companies that perform R&D on drugs, assay agents, and diagnostic agents.
Universities, national research institutes, and other academic research groups.